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ANTH 002E: Anthropology of Childhood and the Family (SC)

Anthropology 002E: Anthropological Perspectives on Childhood and the Family (Nadkarni) - Spring 2018

Books in the TriCo Libraries

Use Tripod to find books owned by the TriCollege libraries. 
  • If you find one book that sounds good, use it to find others. For example, let's look at the Tripod record for this book:  Children of Global Migration

    The subject headings assigned to this book are:

Children of foreign workers > Philippines > Attitudes.
Parental deprivation > Philippines.
Families > Philippines.
Foreign workers, Philippine > Foreign countries.
Filipinos > Employment > Foreign countries.
Philippines > Emigration and immigration.

If you want to read about children of foreign workers (from somewhere other than the Philippines), click on Children of foreign workers.  If you are interested in families in or from the Phillipines, click on Families > Philippines.

  • Look at the book's bibliography and use Tripod and library databases to track down some of the sources that author cited.
  • Search for the book in Google Scholar and click on the link "Cited by" to view a list of books and articles that have cited this work. They may be relevant to your topic of interest.

Browse for Books

Here are just a few subject headings related to topic you might research. Click the links to browse books that have been assigned these subject headings.

(Tip: Each individual link points to a different category. For example click on the link for "Children of gay parents" to view the broader category, or select "Family Relationships" to view books that have been assigned to that narrower category.)