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ANTH 002E: Anthropology of Childhood and the Family (SC)

Anthropology 002E: Anthropological Perspectives on Childhood and the Family (Nadkarni) - Spring 2018

FAQ: Finding Scholarly Sources

Books - more extensive, offer background information and context that can be lacking in journal articles, usually more extensive bibliography

• How do I find books on my topic?  Start by searching Tripod to find books owned by the TriCo Libraries. Look for books published by a university press.

• How do I actually get the books?  Look in Tripod to see which campus library owns the book. If it's McCabe, use the call number to find it book on the shelf. If not, click the Request link and have it delivered to you from Bryn Mawr or Haverford.


Journal Articles - often more specific in focus, shorter, can be published more quickly (after an event or change) than books

• How do I find scholarly articles on my topic?  Try searching a large, multidisciplinary database like Proquest. Then try a database specifically for the academic discipline you're studying, for example AnthroSource is a database specifically for Anthropology.

• How do I actually get the articles?  In the database, look for a Full-Text PDF link. If none appears, look for the FindIt button or link. Use FindIt to see if the TriCo Libraries subscribe to the journal. If not, use the Request via Interlibrary Loan link to have the PDF emailed to you.