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POLS 109: Latin American Politics (SC)

POLS 109: Latin American Politics (Sharpe) Fall 2018

Find Policy and Grey Literature

Thinking about Think Tanks

Presenting these resources as "policy" focused may create an air of objectivity, but it's essential to think about the political leanings of think tanks when you read their publications and research. Policy research reports may be important for your research even if they are "biased." Consider the biases at work so you can think about how to interpret the research in light of this knowledge.

Political Leanings of Think Tanks

Although think tanks are usually officially non-partisan (to maintain their 501(c)3 status), most interested observers agree that think tanks often have a fairly consistent set of political leanings. These ratings are included to give you some idea of the political leanings typically assocated with some major think tanks.

Some Major Think Tanks and Their Political Orientations

Reproduced from the CQ Press Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying in the United States - ed. Burdett A. Loomis (2012)
Added text is italicized

Think Tank Political Orientation
American Enterprise Institute Conservative or Center-Right
Aspen Institute Centrist
Brookings Institution Centrist (left-leaning)
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Centrist
Carter Center Progressive or Center-Left
Cato Institute Conservative or Center-Right (libertarian)
Center for American Progress  Progressive or Center-Left
Center for Economic and Policy Research Progressive or Center-Left
Center for Politics Centrist
Center for Strategic and International Studies Conservative or Center-Right
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Progressive or Center-Left
Council on Foreign Relations Centrist
Economic Policy Institute Progressive or Center-Left
Heritage Foundation Conservative or Center-Right
Hoover Institution Conservative or Center-Right
Institute for International Economics Centrist
Inter-American Dialogue Centrist
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Progressive or Center-Left
Kaiser Family Foundation Centrist
Lexington Institute Conservative or Center-Right
Manhattan Institute Conservative or Center-Right
New America Foundation Centrist
Public Policy Institute of California Centrist
RAND Corporation Centrist
Urban Institute Progressive or Center-Left