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Educational Technology Resources at Bryn Mawr College

Find out about educational technologies available to members of the Bryn Mawr College community.

SPSS Statistical Analysis

SPSS is an analytical software used primarily in math and psychology courses and research. College-owned lab and library computers, loaners, and classroom computers have SPSS installed on them.

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Mathematica is a computational software, commonly used for calculations, equation solving, and making graphs. Mathematica is available on all lab and library computers, and department comptuers, and can be installed on other college-owned computers or personal computers. More information on installing Mathematica can be found here.

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Need Help with Quantitative Tools?

Software installation issues? Contact the Help Desk at (610) 526-7440, or email If using a college-owned computer, include the computer's ID number (look for a bright green label with a 6-digit number).


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