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What is Blended Learning?

Blended (or hybrid) learning involves a combination of online and in-class instruction.

Exact definitions vary widely; for the NGLC study Bryn Mawr led in AY2011-2013, we required that pilot courses:

  1. have an online component in which students received explicit feedback on their learning, and
  2. that the online component somehow informed or altered how the faculty member approached the in-class component of the course.

In practice, developing a blended course typically involved adding online or interactive learning. Faculty used learning data generated by online materials to adjust subsequent lectures to address student interests and needs and to identify individuals needing extra support or challenge. Shifting material typically covered in lectures to online, self-paced lessons supported topic- or project-based course designs and enabled faculty to devote more class time to discussion, problem-solving, and the application of concepts.

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Jennifer Spohrer
Manager of Educational Technology Services