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Educational Technology Resources at Bryn Mawr College

Find out about educational technologies available to members of the Bryn Mawr College community.

Where Can Public Scanners Be Found?

Canaday Library The Canon multifunction printers on the main floor of the library and on A floor outside the 24-hour computing lab have scanning capabilities. Patrons can scan to their H:// drive or to a flashdrive. More information about both options can be found here.

Also on the main level of the library is a Microfilm reader/scanner. More information on this device can be found here.

Carpenter Library The Digital Media and Collaboration Lab (located on the main (A) level of the library) has six large-screen PCs with scanners as well as a large-format overhead scanner. A flashdrive is required to use the overhead scanner.

Park Science Center The Center has an advanced computer graphics lab with slide scanners. Each department has its own lab classroom with scanners.

Making Accessible PDFs from Scans

Adobe Acrobat can be use to create accessible PDFs and check existing files for accessibility. 

For more information on issues of accessibility see this page of the LibGuide.