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POLS 334: Politics of Violence (HC)

Political Science 334: Politics of Violence (Isaacs) Spring 2023

Discoveries in Archives


 Juan O'Gorman, Mural detail from the Central Library of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) (   

Senior Theses

Political Science theses written in previous years are available in the thesis digital archive.  The link below will give you access to online copies when the student authors have given the library permission to make their work available digitally, either to Haverford or to the general public.  If you find a thesis that is not accessible, please contact Liz Jones-Minsinger (, our college archivist, or a faculty member in the sponsoring department to inquire about access.
Political Science Theses Online  (1056 titles) + 2 theses written by Bryn Mawr students majoring at Haverford

For more information about the thesis archive and ways to use Haverford theses in research, see this brief slide deck.