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ANTH 009C: Cultures of the Middle East (SC): Home

Anthropology 009C: Cultures of the Middle East (Ghannam) - Spring 2015

A quick note about writing research papers

When writing a research paper, you'll want to find out about research already done by other scholars. For the most part, scholars discuss their research in academic journal articles and in books.

Get started on your own:  quick guide to finding sources

Get help with your research:  In addition to Professor Ghannam, librarian Sarah Elichko can work with you to find relevant, scholarly sources for your papers. In previous years, many students in Anth 009C have worked with Sarah.

Send her an email (selichk1) with your questions, or to find a time to talk about your paper. You can also drop by her office hours at the McCabe Research & Info Desk on Mondays, 3-5 PM and Wednesdays, 1-3 PM.

Places to start your research

Subject Guide

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Sarah Elichko