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HIST 398: Approaches to Historical Praxis (BMC)

HIST 398: Approaches to Historical Praxis (Gallup-Diaz & Booth) Fall 2020

Printed Primary Sources

Since the mid-nineteenth century, universities and historical organizations in the United States and Europe have sponsored the publication of extensive sets of historical documents relating to a wide range of subjects.  

Examples of just a few major sets include the papers of American Revolutionary War leaders; medieval records from the Public Record Office of Great Britain and (for Germany) the Monumenta Germaniae Historica; records of the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution (Recueil des actes du Comité de salut public); and records relating to the abolition of American slavery (Freedom, a documentary history of emancipation, 1861-1867).

Vast quantities of primary sources are available in microform, including the historical files of most major newspapers, collections of documents from governments throughout the world, and the unedited papers and records of important individuals and organizations.  The Tri-College libraries have a few of these collections, and major research libraries, like the University of Pennsylvania, have many more.