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ARTH 001M: Leonardo (SC)

Art History 001M: Leonardo (SC) - Reilly - Fall 2015

How to choose useful search terms

1. Search Tripod for either keywords that seem relevant to your topic, or for a specific book that seems relevant.

2. Go into Tripod's Books and More search results. View the full Tripod page for a book. (example Tripod page for a book)

3. Look at the Subjects listed for the book. (in the example linked above, the book's subjects include "Women artists > Italy > History > 16th century > Exhibitions.")

4. Look at the Tripod pages for a few other books. Write down subjects that seem relevant - these can become useful search terms.

5. Try running a Tripod Advanced Search that looks for books matching various combinations of these new search terms.


Looking for letters, exhibition catalogs, or other specific types of sources? Try these search terms.

View an extensive list of genre subject terms with examples (e.g. personal narratives, correspondence, etc.)