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Teaching with Clickers

Guide to incorporating Classroom Response Systems (a.k.a. "clickers") into your curriculum

Pedagogical Techniques

There are myriad pedagogical techniques for using clickers effectively in the classroom.  Some popular ones include:

    • Polling the class to get discussion started
    • Periodic questioning throughout class time to assess students' re-call/get feedback
    • Communal brainstorming with free response questions
    • Monitoring in-class task completion
    • Pre- and post- questioning to foster discussion and generate persuasive arguments
    • Leading questions that highlight common misconceptions (e.g "time for telling")
    • Games in class (e.g. team competitions)
    • In-class experiments, surveys and comparisons to published studies
    • In-class student feedback
    • Question trees (e.g. "choose your own adventure")
    • Peer assessment
    • Student-authored clicker questions

Pedagogical Resources

Examples & Suggestions