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HIST 354: Law, Crime, and Police in Early Modern Europe (HC): Selected Titles at Bryn Mawr's Rare Book Library

History 354: Law, Crime, and Police in Early Modern Europe

Selected Titles at Bryn Mawr's Rare Book Library

Librarian Marianne Hansen has put together a short list of titles at Bryn Mawr about crime in early modern Europe.  She welcomes researchers from Haverford.

A True Narrative of the Whole Proceedings at the Sessions-house in the Old-Bailey, Begun on Thursday the 12th. of this instant July 1683, Against Captain Thomas Walcot, William Lord Russel, William Hone Joyner, John Rouse, Captain William Blage : for Conspiring the Death of the King, &. As also an Account of the Tryals of Several Notorious Malefactors, for Treason, Felonies &.  London: Printed for George Croom, 1683.


Neues Trauerlied : Enthaltend die Geschichte der Susanna Cox die in Reading wegen dem Mord ihres Kindes hingerichtet wurde.  Reading: c.1809.


Holinshed, Raphael.  The Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland.  London, 1587


Lambarde, William. The Dvties of Constables, Borsholder, Tythingmen, and Such other Lowe and Lay Ministers of the Peace...  London: Printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1610.


Lambarde, William. Eirenarcha: or Of the Office of the Iustices of Peace, in Two Bookes: Gathered. 1579. And now Reuised, and First Published, in the 24 Yeere of the Peaceable Reigne of Our Gratious Queene Elizabeth.  London: Ra: Newbery, and H. Bynneman, 1582.


Remarks upon the Trial of William Sutton, Esq. by an Impartial By-Stander.  London: Benjamin Sibthorpe, 1761.


Recit de la Mort Tragiqve de Madame la Marquise de Ganges, cy-devant Marquise de Castellane, Empoisonnée & Massacrée par l'Abbé & le Chevalier de Ganges, ses Beaux-Freres: Avec l'Arrest du Parlement de Tolose donné contre les coupables.  Paris: Iacqves le Gentil, 1668. Adelman Fund.


Paris as It Was and as It Is; or, A Sketch of the French Capital… Written by an English Traveller, During the Years 1801-2...  London: C. and R. Baldwin, 1803.


The Whole of the Proceedings in the Arches-Court of Canterbury, in a Cause between the Hon. Mrs. Catherine Weld, Daughter to the Lord Aston and Edward Weld, Esquire, her Husband : Containing, I. Her Libel Exhibited Against Him for Impotency.  London: Printed for E. Rayner, 1732.


The Trial of Rebecca Hodges, for Setting Fire to the Ricks of Mr. Samuel Birch, at Ward End, near Birmingham... Warwick: S. Sharpe, 1818.


The Proceedings upon the Bill of Divorce between His Grace the Duke of Norfolke and the Lady Mary Mordant.  London: Matthew Gillyflower and John Barnes, 1700.


The Trial of Katherine Nairn and Patrick Ogilvie, For the Crimes of Incest and Murder... London: reprinted for T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt, 1765. Adelman Fund.


Trial of Mrs. Rebecca Peake: Indicted for the Murder of Ephraim Peake... Embracing the Evidence, Arguments of Counsel, Charge, and Sentence.  Montpelier: E.P. Walton & Sons, 1836.


The Trial of Margaret Tindal, Alias Shuttleworth, for the Murder of her Husband, Henry Shuttleworth, Vintner, Montrose, at Perth, on the 19th day of September, 1821.  Montrose: John Smith, 1821.


Eliz: Jeffryes & John Swan.


The Intrigues, Amours, & Adventures of Rachel Cunningham: Called from her Many Crimes the American Milwood: Detailing the Eccentric  Course of her Career..., Her Deceitful Conduct to her Aunt and Entrance into Public Life at Sixteen, Is Debauched by Mr. Wallingdon, Becomes the Mistress of Mr. Haverley, His Death in a Duel, Intrigue with his Antagonist, Her Attempt to Poison her Keeper Mr. Green and Failure, Her Debut at the Saloons of the Theatres, Engages the Affections of Mr. L---, the Wealthy Merchant, Intrigue with that celebrated Debauchee Judge F---, Her Amour with the Sheriff, George van Swearington and Murder of His Wife, Together with their Escape, Capture, Trial, and Execution for Murder.  London: E. Duncombe, c.1820. Frontispiece engraved by T. Jones.


The Tryal of Mary Blandy, Spinster: For the Murder of her Father, Francis Blandy, Gent...  London: Printed for John and James Rivington, 1752.


"History X: A Dutch History" from Reynolds, John.  The Triumphs of Gods Revenge Against the Crying and Execrable Sin of Murther: Expressed in Thirty Several Tragical Histories: To Which is Added, Gods Revenge Against the Abominable Sin of Adultery: Containing Ten Several Histories, Never Printed Before...   London: Printed by J. Bennet, for Thomas Lee, 1679.


The Tryal and Sentence of Elizabeth Cellier, For Writing, Printing, and Publishing, A Scandalous Libel, Called Malice Defeated, &c...  London: Printed for Thomas Collins, 1680.


Couet-Gironville.  Charlotte Corday, Décapitée à Paris le 16 juillet 1793, ou, Mémoire pour Servir à l'Histoire de la Vie de Cette Femme Célèbre.  Paris: Chez le citoyen Gilbert…, 1796.


The Terrific Register; or, Record of Crimes, Judgments, Providences, and Calamities.  London, Sherwood, Jones, and Co., 1825.


A Compleat Translation of the Whole Case of Mary Catherine Cadiere, Against the Jesuit Father John Baptist Girard, in a Memorial, Presented to the Parliament of Aix.  London: printed for J. Millan, 1732.


A Compleat Translation of the Memorial of the Jesuit Father John Baptist Girard, Rector of the Royal Seminary of the Chaplains of the Navy, in the City of Toulon, against Mary Catherine Cadiere.  London: printed for J. Millan, 1732.


Bragge, Francis.  A Full and Impartial Account of the Discovery of Sorcery and Witchcraft, Practis'd by Jane Wenham of Walkerne in Hertfordshire, Upon the Bodies of Anne Thorn, Anne Street, &c...  London: Printed for E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet., 1712.


Blandy, Mary.   Miss Mary Blandy's Own Account of the Affair Between Her and Mr. Cranstoun: From the Commencement of Their Acquaintance in the Year 1746 to the Death of Her Father in August 1751 with all the Circumstances Leading to that Unhappy Event: To Which is Added an Appendix Containing Copies of Some Original Letters Now in Possession of the Editor, Together with an Exact Relation of Her Behaviour Whilst under Sentence, And a Copy of the Declaration Signed by Herself in the Presence of Two Clergymen Two Days Before Her Execution: Published at Her Dying Request.  London: Printed for A. Millar, 1752.


Cresswell, Thomas Estcourt.   A Narrative of the Affair Between Mr. Cresswell and Miss Sc--e: Address'd to G----V----E SC------e, Esq., by Which may be Discover'd the Falsities, Misrepresentation, &c. in a Letter in the General Evening-Post, October 31, signed Lancelot Lee.  London: Printed for Charles Green, 1747.


Scrope, Elizabeth.   Miss Scrope's Answer to Mr. Cresswell's Narrative.  London: Printed for R. Baldwin, 1749.


Muilman, Teresia Constantia.   An Apology for the Conduct of Mrs. Teresia Constantia Phillips, More Particularly that Part of it which relates to her Marriage with an Eminent Dutch Merchant: The Whole Authenticated by Faithful Copies of His Letters, and of the Settlement which He Made upon Her to Induce Her to Suffer (Without Any Real Opposition on her Part) A Sentence to be Pronounced Against Their Marriage...  London: Printed for the author, 1748-49. Adelman Fund.


Facts, or, A Plain and Explicit Narrative of the Case of Mrs. Rudd: Published from Her Own Manuscript and by Her Authority.  London: T. Bell, 1775.


Doillot, M.  Mémoire fait par M. l'avocat Doillot, pour dame Jeanne de Saint-Remy de Valois, epouse du comte de La Motte, pour l'affaire du fameux collier. [Paris], 1786.


Comtesse de Valois de La Motte, Jeanne de Saint-Rémy.   Memoirs of the Countess de Valois de La Motte: Containing a Compleat Justification of Her Conduct, and an Explanation of the Intrigues and Artifices Used Against Her by Her Enemies, Relative to the Diamond Necklace.  London, 1789. Gift of Esther R. Clifford.


Pictorial History of the Beecher-Tilton Scandal. Its Origin, Progress and Trial. Les Avantures trop amoureuses, ou, Elisabeth Chudleigh, ex-duchesse douairière de Kingston, aujourd'hui comtesse de Bristol et la marquise de la Touche sur la sçene du monde : avec d'autres anecdotes pour servir d'instructions à ceux qui en ont besoin & d'amusemens aux autres.  London: Aux depens des interessez, 1776.


An Authentic Detail of Particulars Relative to the Late Duchess of Kingston.  London: Printed for G. Kearsley, 1788. Adelman Fund.


Authentic Particulars of the Life of the Late Duchess of Kingston, During Her Connection with the Duke, Her Residence at Dresden, Vienna, St. Petersburgh, Paris and Several Other Courts of Europe: Also, a Faithful Copy of Her Singular Will.  London: Printed for J. Barker, c1795.




Additional materials (not used in Bryn Mawr's recent exhibition, "Pointing Fingers: Women, Sin, Crime, and Guilt.")

A select collection of singular and interesting histories : together with the tryals and judicial proceedings to which the extraordinary facts therein recorded gave occasion. London : Printed for A. Millar, 1744

B RBR        HV6211 .G413 1744  v. 1-2


Gayot de Pitaval, François.  Causes celebres et interessantes : avec les jugemens qui les ont décidées.  A Paris : Chez Theodore Le Gras ..., 1738-1750
RBR HV6211 .G4 1738  v. 1-20


Colquhoun, Patrick. A treatise on the police of the metropolis; containing a detail of the various crimes and misdemeanors by which public and private property and security are, at present, injured and endangered: and suggesting remedies for their prevention.  London, Printed by H. Fry, for C. Dilly,1800

RBR 352.2 C71   

(also hold 1797 edition – IP34746377)


Tryals for high treason & other crimes with proceedings on bills of attainder & impeachments for 300 yrs. past. London, 1720-1731
RBR 343.1 T78  v. 1-9