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History: The Past as Laboratory for the Present (HC): Journal Articles

Starting Points

Discipline-Specific Indexes

These indexes are particularly good for accessing the scholarly literature of specific disciplines, i.e., articles written by historians, literary critics and researchers in related areas.

Once you have found journal articles that you want to read, use the  button to check for an available copy. If the journal is not owned by Haverford, use the Article Delivery Form to request a digital copy.

Searching Tips

In putting together search terms, think about the topic and how specific you want it to be. You will find often that there is more material than you expected and that you can focus your search.

Use AND to join two different concepts together.         salem AND witch*

Use OR to include synonyms for relevant results.  Group the synonyms within parentheses to be searched correctly.      
(church OR religio* OR ecclesiastic*)

You can combine OR and AND searches together      (film* OR "motion picture*") AND miller AND crucible

Use truncation to get words with similar spellings in one search       witch* searches witch, witches, witchcraft

For truncation within a word, use a question mark      wom?n searches women and woman

Put phrases in "" "" for eact searches      "anti communist" searches for the two words together in that order

Too many results?  Change the search field to Abstract which summarizes the content or Subject for more focused results

When you find a journal article that interests you, look at the abstract and subject terms.  

Are there ideas that relate to your topic? Use those new concepts to look for additional articles.