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Government Information

What are Government Documents?

What are government documents?

Government documents are materials published by or for a government agency. These materials include books, journals, reports, maps, posters, transcripts of hearings, and databases, among others.

Who uses them?

Researchers in a wide variety of fields use government documents, including history, political science, and education. Many government documents are produced to inform members of the public and report on the activities of government agencies.

How can I find them?

You'll find that many government documents are available online. Library print collections and databases can help fill the gap. Finding relevant government documents can be complex. Library staff in the TriCo can help you navigate this process.

How do I find Government Documents?

How to Find Documents

1. Find citations for relevant documents.

Search a database or index for your topic:

If there's no link, copy the full citation for your document.


2. Use your citations to find documents. (PDF or print copies)

Search for the document in Google (or DuckDuckGo).

Can't find it online? Search for the document in Tripod.

  • Write down the call number (library location) or follow the link in the record.
  • Find your document in the library

Documents not found online or in Tripod:

  • Ask a librarian for help
  • Request it through Interlibrary Loan