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 English Literature

Why Use Dissertations or Theses?

Doctoral dissertations frequently include exhaustive reviews of the literature on their topics—often areas of research not covered by published literature.  Theses, especially those produced by other Tri-College undergradutes, can help you to discover the conventions of undergraduate theses and can serve as models for your own work.  Their bibliographies can also be good introductions to relevant primary and secondary sources.

Use the following sources to identify relevant dissertations and theses.  You can often find full-text copies of dissertations in Dissertations and Theses; however, if no full-text copy is available, you can use the "Find It" button to request one through Interlibrary Loan.

American dissertations

International dissertations

Bryn Mawr


Search the Haverford College Senior Thesis Archive to find relevant theses and other senior projects produced by all the College's departments. 

  • For all English theses, see the full list of print and digital theses in Tripod.
  • For creative theses, see: