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Medicine, epidemics and public health historical collections (BMC)

Historical books, manuscripts, and other sources relating to the history of medicine, epidemics and public health in Bryn Mawr's Special Collections

Works in English

MANUSCRIPT VOLUME:   Medical and Cooking Recipes, England, first half of the 17th century.  Handwritten recipes for medicines and instructions for treatment of diseases and injuries.

Banckes, Richard. Here Begynneth a Newe Boke of Medecynes Intytulyd ...the Treasure of Pore Men. Imprynted at London: Richard Banckes, 1526.

Banckes, Richard.  Here Begynnyth a Newe Mater: The Whiche Sheweth and Treateth of Ye Vertues [et] Proprytes of Herbes/ the Whiche Is Called an Herball . London: RBanckes, 1525.

Blackwell, Elizabeth. A Curious Herbal: Containing Five Hundred Cuts, of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick, Engraved on Folio Copper Plates, after Drawings, Taken from the Life. London: Printed for J. Nourse, 1739.

Brunschwig, Hieronymus. A Most Excellent and Perfecte Homish Apothecarye or Homely Physick Booke, for All the Grefes and Diseases of the Bodye. Collen: Heirs of Arnold Birckman, 1561.

Culpeper, Nicholas. The English Physitian Enlarged: With Three Hundred, Sixty, and Nine Medicines Made of English Herbs That Were Not in Any Impression until This ... Being an Astrologo-Physical Discourse of the Vulgar Herbs of This Nation, Containing a Compleat Method of Physick... London: Printed by PCole, 1656.

Gerard, John. The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. Imprinted at London: by Iohn Norton, 1597.

Lewis, William. The New Dispensatory: Containing I. The Theory and Practice of Pharmacy. II. A Distribution of Medicinal Simples According to Their Virtues and Sensible Qualities ... III. A Full Translation of the London and Edinburgh Pharmacopoeias ... IV. Directions for Extemporaneous Prescription ... V. A Collection of Cheap Remedies for the Use of the Poor ...  Intended as a Correction, and Improvement of Quincy. London: Printed for J. Nourse, 1753.

Mathews, Richard. The Unlearned Alchymist, His Antidote: Or, A More Full and Ample Explanation of the Use, Virtue and Benefit of My Pill ... Whereunto Is Added Sundry Cures and Experiences, with Particular Direction unto Particular Diseases and Distemper : Also, Sundry Plain and Easie Receits Which the Ingenious May Prepare for Their Own Health : Togerher [Sic] with a Precious Pearl in the Midst of a Dunghil, Being a True and Faithful Receit of Mr. Richard Mathew’s Pill, According to His Own Practice Recorded in Writing under His Own Hand, 1659 : Presented to the World by Mris. Anne Mathews ... London: Printed for J. Leigh, 1663.

Parkinson, John. Paradisi in Sole Paradisvs Terrestris: Or, A Choise Garden of All Sorts of Rarest Flowers, with Their Nature, Place of Birth, Time of Flowring, Names, and Vertues to Each Plant, Useful in Physick, or Admired for Beauty. To Which Is Annext a Kitchin-Garden Furnished with All Manner of Herbs, Roots, and Fruits, for Meat or Sawce Used with Us. With the Art of Planting an Orchard of All Sorts of Fruit-Bearing Trees and Shrubs, Shewing the Nature of Grafting, Inoculating, and Pruning of Them. Together with the Right Ordering, Planting and Preserving of Them, with Their Select Vertues: All Unmentioned in Former Herbals. London: Printed by RNand are to be sold by Richard Thrale, 1656.

Quincy, John. Medico-Physical Essays: I. Of Agues. II. Of Fevers. III. Of an Animal Fibre. IV. Of the Gout. V. Of a Leprosy. VI. Of the King’s-Evil. VII. Of Venereal Diseases. Santorio, Santorio. Medicina Statica. 5th Ed. London. 1728. London, 1728.

Salmon, William. Botanologia: The English Herbal: Or, History of Plants ... London: Printed by IDawks for H. Rhodes and J. Taylor, 1710.

Short, Thomas. Medicina Britannica, or, A Treatise on Such Physical Plants, as Are Generally to Be Found in the Fields or Gardens in Great-Britain: Containing a Particular Account of Their Nature, Virtues, and Uses ... The 2nd ed., to Which is added, an Appendix . London: Printed for RManby and HShute Cox, 1747.

Swadlin, Thomas. Sermons, Meditations, and Prayers upon the Plague, 1636. London: printed by N. and Io. Okes, for Iohn Benson, 1637.

Turner, William. The First and Seconde Partes of the Herbal of William Turner, Doctor in Phisick. Imprinted at Collen [Cologne, Germany: By Arnold Birckman, 1568.

T., A. A Rich Storehouse: Or, Treasurie for the Diseased : Wherein Are Many Approved Medicines for Divers and Sundry Diseases, Which Have Bin Long Hidden and Not Come to Light before This Time : First Set Foorth for the Benefit and Comfort of the Poorer Sort of People That Are Not of Abilllitie to Go to the Phisitions. London: Printed by Raph Blower, 1607.

W. M, William Faithorne, Henrietta Maria, Nathaniel Brooke, and Robert Wood. The Queens Closet Opened: Incomparable Secrets in Physick, Chyrurgery, Preserving, Candying, and Cookery ; as They Were Presented unto the Queen by the Most Experienced Persons of Our Times, Many Whereof Were Honoured with Her Own Practise, When She Pleased to Descend to These More Private Recreations. The Fourth Edition Corrected, with Many Additions: Together with Three Exact Tables, One of Them Never before Printed. London: Printed by RWood for Nathaniel Brooks at the Angel in Cornhill, 1658.

Works in Latin

Abano, Pietro d’. De venenis. Padua: Matthaeus Cerdonis, 1487.

Arnaldus, de Villanova. Breviarium practicae medicinae. Milan: Christophorus Valdarfer, 1483.

Arnaldus, de Villanova. Regimen sanitatis salernitanum: cum expositione magistri Arnaldi de Villanova. Strassburg, 1491.

Benalius, Bernardinus, Joannes, and Galen. Ortus Sanitatis. De herbis: & plantis. De auibus & volatilibus ... De animalibus: & reptilibus. De piscibus & natatilibus. De lapidibus ... De vrinis ... De facile acquisibilibus. Habes praeterea his herbarum figuras aptissimas ... Que omnia nuper emendatiora in lucem prodeunt. Tabula . Uenetijs: Jmpressum per Bernardinum Benalium, 1536.

Cermisonus, Antonius. Consilia medica. Brescia: Henricus de Colonia, 1476.

Dioscorides Pedanius. Pedanii Dioscoridis Anazarbei, De medicinali materia libri sex /Ioanne Ruellio Suessionensi interprete ... Additis etiem annotationibus siue scholiis breuissimis quidem, quae tamen de Medicinali materia omnem controuersiam facilè tollant. Per Gualtherum Rivium, Argentinum, Medicum. Accesserunt priori editioni, Valerii Cordi Simesusii annotationes doctissimae ... Euricii Cordi Simesusii iudicium de herbis & simplicibus medicinae. Francoforti: apud ChrEgenolphum Hadamarium, 1549.

Fuchs, Leonhart. De historia stirpium commentarii insignes: maximis impensis et vigiliis elaborati, adiectis earundem vivis plusquam quingentis imaginibus, nunquam antea ad naturae imitationem artificiosius effictis & expressis : ... Basileae [Basel: In officina Isingriniana, 1542.

Guainerius, Antonius. Opera medica. Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 1497.

Herbarius latinus. Vicenza: Leonardus Achates de Basilea and Guilielmus de Papia, 1491.

Leoniceno, Niccolò. De morbo gallico. Venice: Aldus Manutius, Romanus, 1497.

Mattioli, Pietro Andrea. Petri Andreae Matthioli Senensis, medici caesarei, et serenissimi principis Ferdinandi, archidvcis Avstriae & c. Commentarij in VI. libros Pedacij Dioscoridis Anazarbei de medica materia, ab ipso avtore recogniti, et locis plvs mille acvt: Adiectis magnis, ac nouis plantarum, ac animalium iconibus, supra priores editiones longè pluribus, ad viuum delineatis. Accesserunt quoque ad margines Graeci contextus quàm plurimi, ex antiquissimis codicibus desumpti, qui Dioscoridis codicibus desumpti, qui Dioscoridis ipsius deprauatam lectionem restituunt. Cvm locvpletissimis indicibvs, tvm ad rem herbariam, tum medicamentariam pertinentibus .. Venetijs: apud Felicem Valgrisium, 1565.

Mattioli, Pietro Andrea. New Kreüterbuch: mit den allerschönsten und artlichsten Figuren aller Gewechss, dergleichen vormals in keiner Sprach nie an Tag kommen. Gedruckt zu Prag: Durch Georgen Melantrich von Auentin, auff sein und Vincenti Valgriss Buchdruckers zu Venedig uncosten, 1563.

Serapion. Liber Serapionis aggregatus in medicinis simplicibus. Impressum Venetiis: Per magistrum Reynaldus de Novimagio, 1479.

Serapion. Breviarium medicinae. Impressa Venetiis: Rainaldi Nouimagensis Alemani, 1479.

Nicolaus Salernitanus.  Antidotarium. England.  14th century.  Manuscript volume

Avicenna.  Canon medicinae, Liber V.  Spain, ca.1380.  Manuscript volume.

Works in French, German & Dutch

Brunfels, Otto. Contrafayt Kreüterbüch nach rechter vollkommener Art, unud [sic] Beschreibungen der alten, besst-berümpten ärtzt vormals in teütscher Sprach, der masszen nye gesehen noch im Truck auszgangen. Sampt einer gemeynen Inleytung der Kreüter urhab erkant-nüssz, brauch, lob, und herzlicheit. Strasszburg: HSchotten, 1532.

Kundmann, Johann Christian. Rariora naturae & artis, item in re medica; oder, Seltenheiten der Natur und Kunst des kundmannischen Naturalien-Cabinets, wie auch in der Artzeney-Wissenschafft.: Darinnen abgehandelt werden I. Examen fossilium & lapidum quorundam rariorum, oder Untersuchung verschiedener unterirdischer Seltenheiten und sonderbar figurirten Steine. II. Memorabilia naturae & artis, oder Merckwürdigsten der Natur und Kunst. II. Observationes in re medica singulares, oder Sonderbare Anmerckungen zur Artzney-Kunst und Wissenschafft gehörig. Denen beygesetzt 1. Ungewöhnliche Delecatessen und abgeschmackte Spesen in allen Theilen der Welt, wie auch einzelner Personen; 2. Historie von der erschrecklichen Menschen-Pestilenz, wie sie vom Anfang dieses Seculi, bis auf das Jahr 1715 von Orient aus, durch die Polnische, Ungarische, Teutsche Schwedische und Dänische Reiche von Jahren zu Jahren, von Ort zu Ort, aufs gesstigste gewütet, aus gedruckten, wie auch schrifftlichen Nachrichten gesammlet, und was wegen der Praeservationn und Cur sonderbares angemercket worden; 3. Reflexiones über die Kranckheits- und Todten-Listen, mit medicinischen Anmerckungen begleitet, und dem Druck, nebst vielen Kupffern und eingedruckten Figuren,. Bresslau ; Bey Michael Hubert, 1737.

L’Obel, Matthias de. Kruydtboeck oft beschrÿuinghe van allerleye ghewassen, kruyderen, hesteren, ende gheboomten. t’Antwerpen: By Christoffel Plantyn, 1581.

Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de. Histoire des plantes qui naissent aux environs de Paris: avec leur usage dans la medecine. Paris: De l’Umprimerie royale, 1698.