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Educational Technology Resources at Bryn Mawr College

Find out about educational technologies available to members of the Bryn Mawr College community.

Designing and Assessing Media or Web Assignments

Here are some design tips to help ensure your web or media assignment is successful. Download the assignment guide for more details on any point:

  • Clearly define goals and stick to them.
  • Provide a clear rubric for assessment.
  • Teamwork is the norm for multimedia and web production.
  • Help students with process-- describe project phases, provide support for each, & set milestones.
  • Keep final products short (2-3 mins for A/V project or 2-3 levels for a web site).
  • Explain your expectations for using and attributing third-party content.
  • Provide clear instructions for sharing/posting final project.


Suggestions for Assessing Multimedia Projects

Video Projects

What Hardware Do I Need?

Screencasting/audio recording. You need only a computer and a microphone. Although many new computers have built-in microphones, a simple headset microphone (see left) which plugs into your computer will greatly improve audio quality.

Video. You will need a webcam (if you are stationary & at a computer), or a digital video camera on a tripod. Consumer-grade equipment is fine; you will be shooting low-resolution, web-quality video, not something destined for a cinema screen! If you are filming outdoors, in a noisy location, or the speaker is far from the camera, a lapel microphone on a long cord that plugs in to the computer or camera can improve sound.

Faculty, students, and staff can check out basic recording equipment from Canaday Library. More information on suggested hardware options for purchasing can be found here

For help with Bryn Mawr's equipment pool, e-mail or contact:

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   Christine Boyland
   Senior Educational Technology Specialist
   Profile & Guides

Software: Web Projects

For more information on the many different communication, blogging, and social media tools used by faculty, click here. See examples below: 

WordPress is a blogging and digital publishing platform that can be used to create group blogs and simple websites. It is best for sites in which you want people to be able to leave comments on posts and pages. Bryn Mawr has a WordPress instance which faculty, staff, and student (in Tri-Co as well) can log into using their college user IDs and passwords. More information on using WordPress blogs can be found here. was designed as a tool for educational and non-profit institutions to create online exhibitions. It is best for situations in which you want to enter different kinds of metadata about the elements in the site (images, video, PDF documents) or students are collectively gathering and curating these elements, but will make separate web exhibitions using them. Guides to using Omeka are available on another Tripod page.

Media Equipment Lending & Software Help

The BMC Help Desk does not provide support for all of the technologies listed here. BMC faculty, students and staff can access video tutorials and workshops on the following through :

  • iMovie
  • Windows MovieMaker            
  • VoiceThread
  • and more...

The Help Desk loans laptops and the Circulation Desk at Canaday loans other multimedia equipment. See the Equipment Circulation page for availability information.

For more information about audio and video equipment lending, see this guide:

Digital Storytelling

Resources for Developing Assignments

Guides for Project Stages

Visual Literacy

Visual literacy extends the concept of literacy to include the ability to analyze, evaluate and apply "visual language elements" (e.g., form, color, structure, etc.) used to communicate mearning. Many modern theorists speak of visual "literacies," emphasizing that visual communication is a social practice and thus contextual to a given media and culture.

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