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Educational Technology Resources at Bryn Mawr College

Find out about educational technologies available to members of the Bryn Mawr College community.

What is it?

VoiceThread is a user-friendly way to share power point presentations, videos, photos, and other media. Students and professors can record video or audio responses, draw on the media to highlight certain points, and comment in text form. This site is useful for discussion outside of the classroom, allowing students to focus on the topic at hand and reflect in a collaborative way.

Want to Learn More?
Read how VoiceThread describes its capabilities.


Through VoiceThread...

Professors can:

  • Upload power points
  • Upload question slides for comment
  • Comment on students’ writing in video, text, and visual formats

Students can:

  • Collaborate on group projects
  • Provide feedback on peers' work.

For everyone, VoiceThread can:

  • Provide more ways for self-expression
  • Empower the public speaking-shy.

Getting to Know VoiceThread

You can find documentation below about using VoiceThread as a BMC student or professor.

VoiceThread for Professors

VoiceThread is mainly used for conversations outside the classroom, to share multimedia and powerpoint presentations, provide a same for collaborative comments, and improve speaking and language skills.

For more information on setting up your instructor account, see the Quick Start Instructor Guide. The video below gives a good overview of VoiceThread's capabilities.

For ease of use, you can embed VoiceThreads directly into your Moodle page, as well as sharing them directly through VoiceThread with the class. VoiceThread seamlessly integrates academic learning technology systems. Click here for more information about VoiceThread integration.

VoiceThread for Students

What hardware do I need?

At your desk. Generally, all you need is a computer that has a microphone (and a webcam if you want to video-conference), and a high-speed Internet connection. Using headphones or a headset microphone will greatly improve audio quality and is highly recommended! You can borrow headsets and webcams from Canaday library or buy inexpensive models ($10-30) at an office supply or electronics store.

Don't have a microphone? VoiceThread can call you! If you provide your cell phone number, you can record an audio clip that will be uploaded to the content you're viewing on your computer. Watch and interact with a VoiceThread about this useful feature.

How others are using VoiceThread

VoiceThread's website features a digital library of VoiceThread projects used in different settings, mainly educational, here.

Keeta Holmes talks about the multidimensionality VoiceThread brings to discussion outside the classroom.

Need Help with VoiceThread?

Jennifer Spohrer
Manager of Educational Technology Services