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Check Bryn Mawr's, Haverford's, or Swarthmore's library websites for additional resources during COVID-19.

ARTH 025: Native North American Art (SC)

Art History 025: Colloquium: Native North American Art - Michael Cothran - Fall 2015

Research advice

This guide will help you find scholarly articles, books, and more.  The resources linked here are related to your course, but many of the suggestions will work for other classes and projects.

1. Visit your librarian!

Librarians are available to help you build your research skills throughout your time at Swarthmore. By sitting down with a librarian and talking about your project, you can learn new ways to explore your research interests. For this class, your best best is to talk to either Roberto or Sarah:

Roberto Vargas - Humanities Librarian -

Sarah Elichko - Social Sciences Librarian -

2. Don't just type keywords into a search box - find the scholarly conversation.

Scholars build on one another's work. You can trace these relationships by seeing who an author cites, and who cites them.