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ANTH 043F: Religion and Culture in Africa (SC)

Anthropology 043F: Religion and Culture in Africa - Christy Schuetze (Spring 2016)

Research Guide: Anthropology of Religion

Use this research guide to help you find relevant and interesting sources for your final project in Anthropology 043F.

Sarah Elichko (social sciences librarian) is working with this course. Reach out by email (selichk1) to ask any questions related to your research. You can also set up an appointment to talk about research on your topic - many students do this each semester, and usually find it helpful.

Approaching your research

1. Tripod - the TriCollege Libraries research portal - is a useful place to start your research.

• To find relevant results in Tripod search skills, try the strategies described in this section of the research guide.


2. Go beyond Tripod, too. Sometimes, the best sources on your specific interests won't be findable directly through Tripod (or JSTOR).

• Search scholarly article databases to find articles that aren't directly findable through Tripod.

If the database doesn't provide a full-text PDF, use the FindIt button.
If you can't get the article through FindIt, fill out the Article Delivery request form.
    (You'll usually get a PDF via email within 2 days.)

• Search Worldcat and scholarly databases to find books (and reviews of books) that the TriCollege Libraries don't own.

You can borrow books from other libraries for free. They'll be delivered to you at Swarthmore.

First, check EZBorrow to see if nearby academic libraries (e.g. Penn, Temple) have a copy to lend.
     (You'll usually get EZB books within 3-5 days.)
If there's no EZBorrow copy, fill out the Interlibrary Loan form to request a copy.
     (You'll usually get ILL books within 1-2 weeks.)