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EDUC 023: Adolescence (SC): Home

Education 023: Adolescence (E. Brenneman) Fall 2014

Adolescents in Education

Students in a middle school  in Zhaoping, China celebrate the end of the college entrance exams. 

Photograph taken by Yu Xiangquan for the Xinhua News Agency. 

Research help is available

This guide will help you find scholarly articles for your literature review.  The tips here are focused on the Adolescence course, but many of the suggestions will work for other classes and projects.

Librarians are available to help you build your research skills throughout your time at Swarthmore. Please don't hesitate to contact me about an appointment or send questions via email (pharris1). Here are some of the things that I can help you with (other Swarthmore librarians can as well):

  • Finding education statistics
  • Finding scholarly articles and books, videos, and other sources of information
  • Understanding which databases to use (e.g. ERIC, JSTOR, PsycInfo) and how to search them
  • Improving your search skills
  • Citing sources and creating a bibliography
  • Organizing your research (including using Endnote)

Subject Guide

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Pam Harris
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