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Staff Education Resources (BMC)

Resources for Bryn Mawr College Staff to assist in the development of skills and competencies related to their professional growth.

Take the Challenge!

Missed out on the Cyber Ninja Challenge? You can still take the quizzes to test your InfoSec knowledge.

Official Rules

- Each community member may only take each quiz once

- You must work independently; you may use any other resources available to you

- You may not take a quiz on anyone else's behalf 

Failure to adhere to these rules may lead to disqualification. 

Final Results

Congratulations to the Staff for their Cyber Ninja Challenge Team victory!

Thank you to all participants for completing the quizzes and for signing the BMC Pledge for Information Security. Each and every one of you has helped strenghthen Bryn Mawr's defenses against cyber-criminals by taking the initiative to learn more about how to protect your friends, family, colleagues, and yourself online and beyond. You are all Cyber Ninjas! 

About the Cyber Ninja Challenge

The Cyber Ninja Challenge is a team-based quiz competition based around the topic of Information Security. Three rounds of quizes will be released to the community over the course of October. You will have a limited timeframe to complete each quiz. 

The community will be organized into 7 teams:

- Class of 2015
- Class of 2016
- Class of 2017
- Class of 2018
- Faculty 
- Graduate Students, Post-Baccs, and McBride Scholars 
- Staff

All correct answers will count as one point towards each indivdual's point total and their team's cumulative point total. On October 31st, the team with the most points will be crowned the Cyber Ninja Challenge Champions!

Each quiz will contain 10 questions. There may technically be multiple correct answers to a question, but only the most accurate answer will be marked as correct.

Help your team be the strongest defender of Bryn Mawr's digital space.

The individual participants with the *10 highest point totals will win $25 in OneCard Campus Cash!

*In the event of a tie, winners will be selected at random from a pool of top-scoring participants.