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POLS 161: The Politics of Globalization (HC): Background

Political Science 161: The Politics of Globalization (Donahue) Spring 2017

Western-Donated Clothes for Sale in Mozambique

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Business Directories and Statistics

Use one or more of the following sources to get background information on a company or corporation. Be sure also to go to the company's website and look at recent annual reports. Sometimes phoning the company headquarters will give you more specific information.

Poster Printer


Magill Library offers a walk-up poster printing service during the following hours:

Monday – Friday 8:15 am – 4 pm 
Saturday 10 am – 5pm

At any time, you can e-mail your request to Norm Medeiros or Theresa Donahue. Posters are printed during the hours listed above; you will be e-mailed when your work is ready. Please make sure that the completed poster is saved in either a PDF or JPG format.

Please inquire at the Research or Circulation Desks about this service. Posters needed for a class presentation are free of charge. Posters needed for club, organization or personal use will cost $10 (cash only, please).

    1. Create a poster using this PowerPoint template. As you create your poster, please use these guidelines: 
      • If you choose to paste content from other files/sources, use the "Paste Special..." option:

        - for PC users, use "Paste Special..." and choose metafile
        - for Mac users, use "Paste Special..." and choose picture

      • Elements (images, text, etc.) on your poster will appear much larger in print. It is important, then, to set the template zoom to 100% when gauging size.

      • Please ensure that no more than 30% of the total area has a colored background.

      • If it is necessary to have the higher resolution on your pictures, then please have the poster ready early so that the processing on the printer (which can take as long as 1 hour) will not tie up the printer for others to use to meet deadlines.

    2. Once finished, save the PowerPoint file as a JPEG.

    3. Store the JPEG on a flash/USB drive to bring with you for printing.



Political Science Librarian (HC)

Margaret Schaus
Haverford College

Contact Info:

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Background on Environmental Issues

Background on Globalization Issues